“What I like most about the Denon Aluminum Body Cap is, it doesn't dampen the virtues of the DL103/103R/103C1. It highlights and improves upon what's already there… 

The "capped DL103" retains and focuses that midrange warmth, almost mimicking an SPU, while the frequency extremes are tidied-up...

 In the big scheme of things, it's hard to find this level of sonic upgrade for under $100.

My DL103 is "capped" for good, highly recommended!” - JE Lab


User: Kelowna, BC Canada

User: Kelowna, BC Canada

"I’ve read countless people say that the 103 punches above its weight-class and if you subscribe to that conceit I’ll also add, with this Cap, its got a horse-shoe in its mitt. No longer a mere giant killer, the 103 reborn a world beater. 

I don’t often encounter mods this cheap that address all my nit-picks with a component unilaterally. The bass is now defined and engaging when once a bit sloppy and drunk. The mids and lower mids have calmed a bit, adding detail and revealing a deeper soundstage.

I really feel like I’m getting away with something here."


Associated Equipment: Graham Phantom Supreme and Dynavector 507 on a ClearAudio Maximum Solution



"... Compared to the stock shell, once the whole thing was dialled in, I had cleaner treble, mid and bass. The whole thing felt as though the frequency extremes were extended, and my vanishing bass was back in full force and bought more in line with the rest of the sound. The mid-bass peak was slightly reduced and the roll off in the treble seemed to be less pronounced. As ever I'm aware of how subjective this all sounds. 

...what makes it a KILLER purchase is the ease of fitting.

If you are not used to nuding the 103 or are down-right scared of destroying money, buy the CAP." 

User: Wellington, New Zealand




"I will say I had a ZU DL 103 grade 2 cartridge which outperformed this set up but not by a lot.  With the cap it is just not as quiet or detailed as the ZU.  I expect it may be due to the closer tolerance of the ZU cartridge than with my current cartridge.

Overall I am very pleased with the performance of this upgrade. 

Very simple to install and cost effective

Looks like a good product."

Associated Equipment: Denon DL-103r and Jelco SA-370H

User: Hillsboro, OR USA


User: Solrød Strand, Denmark

User: Solrød Strand, Denmark


"...first impression is fantastic -- detail in the top is great, the low end firm, and still the well known 103r middle.

Thanks, great little gem."



Hi Steve , Great product!

Really improves the mids and tightens up the bass. Can’t figure out why other companies charge so much for just a body mod (Musikraft and Zu)

User: Scarborough, ON Canada




I'd say the Cap got me 80% of what a full blown Zu would get me, with the added bonus of being able to put a completely new cartridge in it later if I need or want to.

I certainly do recommend the Cap. Whether you are a one cartridge audiophile, or an inveterate cartridge swapper and tube roller like me, in my opinion it will give anyone even more of what their Denon 103 is capable of than they are hearing now.

The Cap is a great idea, well executed, and worth every penny to anyone like me..."

User; Indianapolis, IN USA

User; Indianapolis, IN USA



“…your product is outstanding!

User: @atomicmod - Instagram

User: @atomicmod - Instagram

IG - atomicmod 2 Denon Dl103 aluminum Body.png

Martin: Perth, Australia

Martin: Perth, Australia

A nice thing with [the] Aluminium Body Cap is that you can cut back the original stylus guard and it fits fine.