Denon DL-103: Aluminum Body Cap

Aluminum Body Cap for the Denon DL-103

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A Simple Upgrade

Despite being designed in the 1960s the Denon DL-103 models are still one of the masterpieces in audio technology and can easily compete with contemporary phono cartridges. This broadcast standard cartridge exhibits the life and dynamics of analog audio.

By simply upgrading the cartridge body and attachment, you can be confident you are getting the highest performance from your cartridge.

The Aluminum Body Cap provides a broadband improvement to the already remarkable sound of the DL-103/r


No Modification to your DL-103/r Required


Denon DL103: A Rigid Mounting Solution

"The most common complaint about the DL-103 is also the truest: Its good motor is compromised by a too-flimsy mounting arrangement, with open-edge bolt channels that prevent the cartridge from being rigidly fastened to a headshell."

(Art Dudley returned to the DL-103 in December 2007 (Vol.30 No.12))

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Denon DL103 Aluminum Body Cap: Details


The Aluminum Body Cap provides all of the well documented advantages of other aftermarket bodies available: increased bass presence, improved soundstage and imaging, combined with remarkable tone. 

However, all other aftermarket bodies require the stock plastic body to be carefully removed from the cartridge, and most rely on the 'nude' cartridge being friction fit in the body with no mechanical connection to the headshell. Some aftermarket bodies need adhesive potting and adding excessive mass.

The Aluminum Body Cap is not a modification: it is an accessory. The Cap is completely removable, transferable, and greatly reduces the risk of damage to the cartridge.  The Aluminum Body Cap securely bolts through the stock cartridge body and headshell, providing a firm, mechanical connection.



This unique Aluminum Body Cap requires no alterations to your cartridge. To install, simply insert the DL-103 into the precision machined Aluminium Body Cap. When bolted, the Cap provides a firm fit to the plastic body along the sides, front and top of the stock Denon DL-103. The cartridge mounting bolts lock both the plastic body and the Aluminum Body Cap to the headshell.

Mounting Instructions



Fits Denon DL-103 and DL-103r
Machined from 6061 aluminum
Hard Black Anodized
VTA adjustment: +1.3mm
Mass of Body Cap: 3.5g