What is your shipping policy?

We ship worldwide.

All units ship within 48hrs of receiving an order.

Tracking info will be provided.

 Do you accept returns?


Please email regarding any issue with your Cap.

Where are the Body Caps manufactured?

The Caps are manufactured in British Columbia, Canada.


Do you offer Body Caps in any other material?


Aluminum provides the best combination of rigidity, weight, and cost. Other material such as stone and wood cannot be machined as thin as required in a cost effective manner. 


Will this fit my Denon cartridge?

The Aluminum Body Cap has been successfully tested on the DL-103 and the DL-103R and DL-103C. It should fit any DL-103 that has the same standard body dimensions.


Will this fit my tonearm?

The Aluminum Body Cap is machined as thin as possible to ensure it is not over-size or over-weight for most tonearms.


Do I need any special hardware or tools?

No. A pair of 16mm mounting bolts are included with the Aluminum Body Cap which are compatible with the stock nuts and Hex key (Allen wrench).

The Cap is intended to used with the nuts originally supplied with your Denon DL103 — We do not provide mounting nuts with the Cap.


What alterations are necessary for setting up my Denon with the Body Cap?

We recommend using the standard 2.5  gram tracking force. 

You will need to re-balance your tonearm's tracking force to account for the additional 3.5 grams of the Aluminum Body Cap. Also, you may need to raise the base of your tonearm 1.3mm to account for the the thickness of the Body Cap.


Is this product officially licensed by Denon?

No. We do not claim or imply any false affiliation or endorsement by Denon in any way. We use the name 'Denon' as a necessity to describe the specific nature of the product sold on this site.


What about the Resonance Frequency of my arm and cartridge?

The Aluminum Body Cap was designed to be a light as possible while still being effective. Therefore it will only slightly reduce the resonance frequency of your system. This is beneficial to most tonearms.

However, simply adding mass can negatively effect the response of your Denon cartridge. Please be aware that many other aftermarket bodies for the DL-103 are far too heavy for the majority of mid mass tonearms.

See link for Resonance Frequency chart: